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Sustainable Organic Lawn Care Unlike the Other Guys!

At Stangl’s we use a sustainable organic lawn treatment known as Nature’s Brew. This treatment contains the natural and organic components to truly give your lawn the best lawn care. Don’t just take our word for it, read this testimonial  from one of our happy customers (July 2017):

Stangl’s is your healthier lifestyle choice.

“After purchasing this property in 2014, the yard was neglected because other renovation work took priority. In 2015, we engaged another ‘lawn UNCAREcompany’ to administer their programme – our weeds just loved their Fiesta!

Last year, we heard about Stangl’s and Michael came out to inspect the property. His visit to check our lawn, and careful explanation of his philosophy, was very reassuring and sufficient to convince us that this was the way to go. Though it was fairly late in the year, their 7 application programme was started and we decided to also have them do an aeration, over-seeding, and top dressing with their Nature’s Compost.

Almost immediately, we noticed an improvement; new grass started to grow where previously there were bare spots. It was explained to us not to expect an overnight change and that it might take 36 months but already the results are outstanding. We have continued with the 7 application this year and shall also have them do another aeration, over-seeding and application of Nature’s Compost. It is great to see our grass looking so green – and to know that we are NOT poisoning the planet!”


Mike and Roberta.


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We provide you with quality, reliable, lawn service. Our unique 100% natural solution is safe for your property, kids, pets, and your future!