Michael Stangl


Michael Stangl, researcher and owner of Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care, is a highly educated and experienced expert in lawn care. Specializing in the elimination of weeds, naturally, while providing a lush weed free lawn  that reduces climate change that is 100% safe – 100% naturally organic.

The best weed man for lawn care in Niagara

Mr. Stangl continues his education of understanding and knowledge on the molecular level daily. He consults with top biologists and scientists from every aspect of mineral management, microbe management, plant management, pest management, and human health management – to get even better. In the Golden Horseshoe area, Michael is regarded as the best weed man for lawn care in Niagara.

Stangl’s Customized Program and Strategies

Stangl’s Safe Lawn Program and strategies produce organic weed control for your yard. You can count on your end goal of a lush weed free lawn that reduces climate change within a short period. Unlike the mass-produced synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, that have caused these yearly aggravations of insects, weeds and disease are contributing to climate change.


Lake Erie Algae

Lake Erie Algae

  1. The planet is getting warmer, ice is melting, water is rising.
  2. Applying fertilizers, weed killers, crabgrass controls and pesticides destroy the soil, water, and air quality.
  3. In 2014, summer algae in Lake Erie grew so rapid, so aggressively due to fertilizer, they had to turn off the water supply to 400,000 people living in Toledo. 
  4. The Great Lakes algae blooms are getting out of control from continued use of fertilizer

Stangl’s Lawn Care Solution is Unlike Synthetic Fertilizers

If we continue with yesterday’s fertilizers, they will continue to contribute CO2 to global warming. Stangl’s Safe Lawn program ensures positive and environmentally friendly results. Built with 36 years of experience, it contains the full diverse biology spectrum, soil conditioners and  minerals/nutrients to produce a healthy soil and plant. Stangl’s naturally organic solution produces a lush weed free lawn to reduce climate change

Keeping up

To do this, Michael combats the constantly changing technology by keeping up with his education. He always stays up-to-date. In 2014, Michael received a NTS certificate, from the internationally acclaimed course that featured Graeme Sait. In 2014, he completed another certificate course on soil food, taught by the internally acclaimed Professor of Microbiology, and founder of Soil Food Web Incorporated, Dr. Elaine Ingham.

Stangl’s has your naturally organic solution

Since 1981, Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care, has been about finding a natural solution for the elimination of weeds, insects, disease, and crabgrass. Today, they are the leader in naturally organic fertilizers servicing the greater Niagara area, and a model for the rest of us to follow.

They serve St. Catharines, Thorold, Pelham, Lincoln, Wainfleet, Smithville, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, Welland, Fonthill, Fenwick, Port Colborne, Stevensville, Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Queenston, St Davids, Virgil, Niagara on the Lake and neighboring communities in Southern Ontario.

When customers need real elimination of weeds naturally, safely, and organically, Stangl’s offers an unsurpassed program, which saves you money, saves you water, saves your time, and saves our planet. It’s perfect for everybody.         

Save the Bees while reducing climate change with a lush green lawn from Stangl’s.