Vision Statement

We don’t believe in “keep off the grass” signs – we don’t use harmful chemicals that hurt our children and pets – your lawn should be a place of growth, not a place for fear.

Stangl’s believes that the current state of the Lawn Care industry is in dire need of a change; pesticides contaminate our food, our lawn, our clothes and our way of living. New and innovative change needs to take place to ensure the longevity of our planet, and mitigating the use of pesticides and chemicals is our main objective. Our methodology reflects our beliefs, as we have removed the chemicals completely – we believe in treating the soil your grass grows in, not destroying the very foundation of it. While this takes time, we believe that the best things in life are worth the wait. Our fully organic solution may take more time and commitment than “the other guys”, but our solution promotes sustainability. Your soil will become balanced and begin to take care of itself, becoming healthier for not only your lawn, but for those around you too.