The 3 Things You Can Expect from Stangl’s

What do you expect out of your lawn this summer? Do you expect it to be green and weed-free? Do you expect it to remain like that throughout the entire season? Do you expect to water it often, or put lawn mowing off as long as possible? Many homeowners go into lawn care with the intention of getting the best possible looking lawn, without putting in a ton of work.

At Stangl’s, we want to help take most of that load off your shoulders, but we also want to make sure you’re going into it with the right expectations.

Expectation #1: Weed-free lawns

Weeds heal the soil as well as bee populations,.

We know that homeowners don’t want lawns that have more weeds than they do actual grass, and neither do we. We know that weeds in lawns are a sign of an unhealthy lawn, and that the soil is actually attracting weeds in order to help heal it. So, we aim to correct that soil with biological and natural lawn care solutions – not toxic chemical weed-killers that will not only kill the weeds, but everything else along with them. Our solutions do work, but in the meantime, expectations may need to be adjusted.

As the soil begins to heal and recover, there may still be a sign of one or two weeds, especially if the soil was especially unhealthy to begin with. We know it’s not what homeowners want to see, and it’s not what we want to see either. But they’re a part of the natural process and one that we must go through in order to get to the beautiful weed-free lawn we’re all striving for. Once the soil has been naturally corrected, homeowners can then have the weed-free lawn they’re expecting.

Expectation #2: Minimal Lawn Mowing

The summer months can seem all too short at times, and while the sun’s out there’s no end to the number of things you can do in Niagara. And all of them might sound better than staying home and mowing your lawn. It’s for this reason that many homeowners don’t just expect to mow their lawn as little as possible, but they take it as fact. This however, can lead to very unhealthy lawns, which creates bigger problems.

This is because when lawn mowing has been put off, the grass has grown quite tall. And when that tall grass is cut, those long blades of grass sit on top of the healthy grass still in the ground, and over time essentially chokes out that healthy grass. And those who want a weed-free lawn will never get it by putting off lawn mowing. As the long excessive clippings continues to wreak havoc on the soil, it paves the way for more weeds to creep back in.

Expectation #3: Water Less

This is one expectation that homeowners have, and that’s not only a great expectation, but also one that we at Stangl’s can help with! Overwatering of lawns is not only wasteful and expensive, but it prevents the roots from becoming deep-rooted because they don’t have to reach down into the soil while searching for water. Shallow grass actually leads to drier and browner lawns, so it’s important to know exactly when to water and how much to water.

With the Stangl’s Safe Lawn Program, you not only get a beautiful green lawn that’s not overrun with weeds, but you’ll also be able to cut down on the amount of watering you do. In fact, with our Program, lawns require 10 to 70% less water than they did before because the compost and other applications we apply provide the needed structure for deeper rooting that’s with the water.

This year, have the right expectations going into your lawn care, and you’ll get all the benefits you’ve been expecting. At Stangl’s, we know how to meet those expectations so give us a call today at 905-641-8133 or request a quote.