Antidepressants Found in Fish is Bad News for Niagara

The summer, and the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having this September, spells good news for those who like to fish on the Niagara River; and even those that like to wade in this river while enjoying a picnic with the family. But a recent study that looked at the fish in the River spells trouble for the residents of Niagara.

The study, which was done at the University of Buffalo, looked at ten different species of fish that inhabit the Niagara River. Among them were smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rudd, rock bass, white bass, white perch, walleye, bowfin, steelhead and yellow perch. What was found was that all of these fish had high concentrations of antidepressants found in their brains.

Unless the fishermen that enjoy these waterways are eating the whole fish – including the brain – it may seem as though there is no real fear that they too could ingest these toxins. But it doesn’t make a pretty bigger picture, either.

This is because, if the fish that are in our waterways are being found to have these toxins in them, then those toxins are also present in the water. And when fishermen put their hand in the water to get a hold of the fish they just caught, or a child wades into the water on a hot summer day, they are also being exposed to those toxins. And that’s not even mentioning what those toxins are doing to our planet.

Our skin is our largest organ. And it’s also the organ that’s most easily to absorb things into our body. That’s why topical ointments and lotions work so well when we have muscle aches or other pains. The skin absorbs it and places it directly into our bloodstream. And the same thing happens when we enter water that has been contaminated with toxins.

The problem becomes even worse when we consider the amount of rain we’ve had this past summer. When rain falls onto a lawn that has been treated with chemicals such as pesticide and fertilizer, it causes those chemicals to run off into these nearby waterways, allowing the toxins to build up in them. And then when we enter the water, our skin is there to absorb them, put them into our bloodstream, and make us sick.

Sure, the study that was done by the University of Buffalo studies fish. But we can gather from that study that the same thing that is making fish sick is making us sick as well. It’s not a hypothesis. It’s a fact.

It’s a fact that Stangl’s has been looking at for the last several years, and it’s why we changed the way we do things. We no longer use toxic chemicals to make lawns green and lush. Why would we, knowing what we know now?

Instead, we’ve created our own organic fertilizer that will still create that beautiful green lawn, but without harming anything or anyone that steps onto it. And, it also doesn’t harm our planet. In fact, doing things our way, instead of the way the other guys do it, actually helps the planet. It turns every lawn we work on into a carbon sink, sucking that carbon out of the air and trapping it to where it’s most useful – to the grass roots that can actually use it in a beneficial way.

We urge you to come join us in a fight for a better planet, and for better health for you and your family. Our way is the only way to do it because there is no other lawn care company like us. There is no other lawn care company that uses solely organic components on the lawns that they treat. At Stangl’s we use compost made of fish and other healthy, natural microbes that do not cause cancer, like the stuff the other guys use does. This compost helps not only rebuild the soil to grow healthy green grass, but it also helps save our planet and reduce climate change.

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