Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Today, this can be applied to our environment, including our lawn care services.

How many times have we heard that we’re destroying our environment, that climate change is worsening, and that our waterways are becoming more and more polluted every day? We hear these things and we try to do what we can to be part of the solution. We try to be the change we want to see in the world.

We do it by turning off lights when we leave a room, or by purchasing energy-efficient appliances and buying LED lights that don’t use as much energy. But then springtime rolls around and when it’s time to take care of our lawns, we fall back on that change. And we go right back to using the same ineffective products that are killing us and our planet at the same time.

Is it our fault? Not really. Through advertisements on television, flyers, coupons, newspapers, and even our own research that’s done online, we’re continually told that the same old way of doing things is the only way.

Or, we might find that there is another – the green way. And so we set out to buy “green” fertilizers and “green” weed killers and pesticides. In reality, the “green revolution” was only built to garner more net profits for the big companies. They still provide the same visual results people are expecting from their lawns, but they’re also placing salt and other harmful ingredients into our yards, waterways and planet – even though they come with a fancy label establishing them as being ‘organic.’

The problem is that we have broken soil; and weeds, insects and disease are all symptoms of that broken soil. Fertilizer and other toxins are applied when those symptoms appear, causing the soil to become dependent on them in order to stay green and ‘healthy.’ What they’re really causing is a wake of destruction. That destruction takes perfectly healthy soil and turns it into dirt. And that dirt prevents grass from growing green, and encourages more pests and more disease.

This is certainly creating change, but it’s not the kind of change we want to see.

At Stangl’s we are not the first company, nor are we even the first consumers, to research and learn the truth about the green industry. World-renowned PhDs have been bringing this to light for years. Golf courses around the world have known the truth and have been organic for over 30 years. Farms around North America and the rest of the world are slowly becoming GMO free and organic.

But at Stangl’s, we are the first lawn care company to boldly step beyond the organic realm and into biological lawn care. We are breaking the dependency the green revolution has forced upon us and finding better, natural, and biological solutions that are the actual change we want to see.

We do it by providing biological lawn care that restores the dirt that’s become so dependent on those fertilizers and other products such as pesticides. We convert it back to the healthy soil Nature herself intended – soil that’s full of life and gives life to all that grows from her.

You’ll still have your expectations met, and you’ll see the results you want to see because this is the only way grass can really thrive, yet weeds cannot. Lawns will not only be green, they’ll be green more often and that green will mean that it’s actually healthy – not just that fertilizers were applied to it.

Lawns have become dependent on those products from the past, and while green products and practices are the lesser of two evils, they’re still evils all the same. And just like in people, the road to recovery and becoming clean after an addiction is a hard one, but it’s one that can be done. And at Stangl’s, we can help.

We can build the life needed in the lawn to support a deep-rooted plant that requires far less water. That will expand the soil from the years of high salt fertilizer destruction and compaction. And our solutions will also help reduce your carbon footprint and climate change.

That’s the kind of change we’re talking about and that’s the kind of change we want to see!

Here at Stangl’s, we want to see change in the world, and we want to be part of that change. Don’t you? Call us at 905-641-8133 today and together, we truly can change the world.