What Chemical Fertilizers are Doing to Our Environment

Part I of 3

Toxic chemical fertilizers are used every year all over the world. But while they’re used to create green lawns that are thick and lush, they’re actually destroying our environment. And for the sake of our planet, it’s something all of us need to start thinking about.

In the first part of this mini-series on fertilizers, we discussed the many toxins that fertilizers are full of. Things like formaldehyde and ammonia, just to name a couple. Most people know that these things are toxic, yet they allow them to be poured onto their lawns simply because they have no idea that they’re there.

The dangers these toxins present to the soil and anyone that uses the lawn are obvious. But the danger goes beyond our property lines. It goes directly into our environment, hurting everyone and everything in it.

As the soil absorbs the fertilizers, those toxins are being sent into our wells, rivers, lakes, and even our oceans. And when the run-off from those fertilizers makes its way into the water, algae blooms can form. These blooms can make the water impassable, creating a blockage which can destroy the ecological systems of those waterways.

Those algae blooms will eventually die, which will free up the waterway once again, but will also sink to the bottom. As it does, it decomposes and removes oxygen from the water. The fish that once called that water their home are then left to either die in the water, or move on to cleaner water.

Not all fish die from fertilizers though. Some may consume them, allowing disease to set in. When those fish are then farmed for humans to consume, those people can become sick. And much of it happens because at some point, chemical fertilizers were applied to someone’s lawn somewhere.

What do chemical fertilizers do to our environment? They destroy it, and they don’t even do it slowly.

Taking care of our environment is more important now than it’s ever been before. Ice caps are melting, the air is becoming more polluted than ever before, and a number of species are dying off because they simply cannot survive in the environment we’ve created. Many people feel as though they can’t do anything about it, but they’re wrong.

There’s so much we can do!

One of the easiest steps to take is to simply make the switch to organic lawn fertilizers, and to insist on working only with lawn care companies in St. Catharines that use organic materials. By doing so, if there’s runoff, it’s runoff that will benefit the fish and other living organisms we share the planet with. And if it makes its way into our nearby wells and rivers, it won’t be able to harm anybody or anything.

Be part of the solution today. We’re so much more than a St. Catharines lawn care company. We’re a company devoted to helping – and saving – our environment. We do it by spreading the word and trying to bring awareness to everyone we speak with, and in everything we do. We do it by only using organic fertilizers, and by continually educating ourselves about the biggest problems we face, along with the solutions to them.

We’ll continue doing the nitty gritty to save our planet. It truly is our passion. All you have to do is give us a call to find out how you can be part of the solution!

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