The Connection between Humane Societies and Lawn Care Services

When you’re thinking about lawn care services, humane societies may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But at Stangl’s, we are a lawn care service that is constantly thinking about our planet, and the people and pets within it. And when thinking about those pets in particular, and wanting to better protect them, what better place to go than one of the biggest pet organizations in the Niagara area – the Lincoln County Humane Society.

Last year, I had the chance to speak to Kevin Strooband at the Society and discuss with him the concerns we both had about lawn care. At the time, Kevin understood my needs and was also on the path to becoming completely organic, but he was still in shock when I presented him with some of the facts on just how harmful the current chemical fertilizers and pesticides are.

The facts are that when these chemicals are applied to our lawns, we are putting our pets into harm’s way each and every time they walk onto the lawn, play in the lawn, and when they go to the public parks, as well. Our pets absorb those chemicals through their paws and snouts, and they build up in the pet’s system over time, reducing not only the length of their life, but also the quality of it.

These toxic chemicals work on our lawns, and so people don’t question the safety of them until it’s too late.  Our pets get sick and we may be left with tragic consequences, and still some don’t question the toxic fertilizer they apply to their lawns. Today, one in three dogs have some form of cancer, and these fertilizers that are loaded with carcinogens and other toxins are largely to blame.

These are the kinds of things we think about at Stangl’s when we’re thinking about your lawn care services, and it’s how we see the connection between us and the Lincoln Humane Society. At Stangl’s we’ve developed the Safe Lawn Guarantee, no toxins or carcinogens are ever used in our lawn care fertilizers and composts. And as of this year, we’re still the only ones bringing these new, safe lawn care solutions to customers.

These solutions are so safe, pet owners can help prevent illness in their pets, save on unnecessary veterinary bills and most importantly of all, have the continued companionship of their favourite pet.

Your lawn care services have a huge impact on your pet, and it could actually be hurting them every time they venture out onto it. This year give you, your pet, and your family the safest way to play by signing up for our Safe Lawn Program here at Stangl’s. Call us today or request a quote to find out more about becoming part of the solution!