Don’t Treat Your Soil like Dirt

Today’s lawn problems start in the soil. Right from construction we destroy soil that’s full of life and put in its place dirt. That dirt attracts weeds, as it tries to rebuild the life that it once had, but has now been lost. Dirt, unlike soil, also attracts insects and disease, the very things homeowners battle year after year.

In that battle, they rely on conventional solutions like fertilizers and pesticides that bring the lush, green results very quickly, but that are incredibly unhealthy for the lawn and anyone that uses them.

This has been done for year with effects seen all season long as weeds, crabgrass, insects, disease, dead brown patches, dry lawns, excessive amounts of water needed, and more. And yet when those problems arise, the answer always seems to be more fertilizer, more pesticides.

How is this a solution?

The solution is to stop treating the soil like dirt, and to breathe life back into it – returning it once again to actual soil.

At Stangl’s, that’s what we do through our Nature’s Brew, an organic fertilizer full of life including fungus, protozoa, and nutrients. These components work to
rebuild the life in the soil, and lift it up from simply being dirt. Our Nature’s Brew will also use its specific biology to work through and break down the contaminates that bring back weeds, insects, and diseases year after year.

If the science of lawn care worked, we would have that picture perfect lawn every year, and we wouldn’t have near the amount of lawn-related stress that we do. Yet we have spring steroid green monsters, summer browns and fall rebuilds. It’s a system built on billing the “latest and greatest treatment that produce the visual result owners want to see right away.

At Stangl’s, we understand that these obstacles to healthy lawns have become a yearly norm, and that it brings a huge amount of stress to the owner while also being a great financial burden.

We know our customers take their lawn and landscapes seriously and not only want the best, but demand the best. Those old practices are not it.

In order to get a healthy lawn built on rich and healthy soil, there is work. But, in the end you will have lawn care that gets results over the long-term and that will be healthy for the owners, their families, and their pets.

How many years have you been on the hunt for the best lawn care in St. Catharines, Thorold, Pelham, Lincoln, Wainfleet, Smithville, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, Welland, Fonthill, Fenwick, Port Colborne, Stevensville, Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Queenston, St Davids, Virgil, Niagara on the Lake and neighboring communities in Southern Ontario? How much money have you spent on it, only to keep reaching for that carrot? Stop fighting for successful results that aren’t really successful at all; start working with Stangl’s. We’ll get you that green lawn, and it will be a healthy one, too!