The Faster You Talk, the Greener Your Lawn Gets!


Hi, it’s Mike again, from Stangl’s.

Have your neighbours ever commented on your lawn? When friends come over, do they ask about it, and what lawn care services you’re currently using? Homeowners are constantly trying to improve their lawns specifically for this reason – so they’ll be attractive outside our homes.

Here at Stangl’s, we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with those beautiful lawns that aren’t just green, but that are also just as healthy as they look. We appreciate it when you spread the word and tell people about us when talking about your lawn. In fact, we appreciate it so much that we want to reward you for it!

We do that through our WIN WIN program. This referral program can give you free treatments for your lawn simply for telling us about your friends that are also looking for great lawn care services. Just give us the name of your friend and we’ll do the rest. We’ll talk to them about their lawn, the solutions we bring, and leave them with an information package.

Just for that, you get a free treatment that could be worth as much as $65+ in value! If they sign up for the full program, you get another free treatment! Refer another friend, and that’s another possible two free treatments – all just for spreading the word and helping your friends get greener, healthier lawns.

It’s true. With our WIN WIN referral program, the faster you talk, the greener your lawn gets!

This year as we’re getting ready to work on your lawn, make sure to give us the names of a couple of friends. Because we want to help everyone turn their lawn into a carbon sink that’s better for their family, and better for the environment!