It has to Get Worse before It Gets Grass

Weedy Stage, working through it to get to it.

When starting with Stangl’s Safe Lawn Program, expect your lawn to get worse at first. Your dirt has the life to support weeds, and with our introduction of Nature’s Brew, it will start the succession of life, which will support higher successional plants such as grass, not weeds.

Weeds are one of the first successional plants that you’ll see. While unwanted by homeowners, they are required by nature in order to support the soil biology and to break through the many years of compaction the soil has had to likely undergo. While weeds aren’t desirable, they are necessary; and they won’t be there forever.

Traditional lawn care programs create a dependency on toxic products that destroy any chance the soil has for succession. That actually sets the stage for weeds to grow year after year. It’s only effective at providing fast visual results such as fast-growing grass and destroying weeds. But these are just illusions and if those toxins continue to be applied, it will only invite more weeds, insects, crabgrass and disease once the toxins are no longer used.

At Stangl’s, we prevent this from happening with our top dress process. We’ll introduce life and humus so that the succession in your lawn will push forward, developing a soil that’s full of life, and that will continue to be full of life, independent of any products. It will still cause weeds to form at first, because the compaction caused by fertilizers and weed killers will have to be broken through.

But it’s not only the soil that those fertilizers and weed killers are harming. Studies have shown that these conventional methods have a toxic effect on the environment and us. Let’s not forget those who use our lawns – our children and our pets. And because these beloved family members are smaller in size than adults, the effects of these toxins will bring about even more significant issues.

How long will the work we do at Stangl’s take to show desirable effects in your lawn? Using just our Safe Lawn Program, we tell homeowners they can expect to see results within 36 to 60 months, with 7 applications for each growing season of 12 months. Homeowners that want to see change before this time can get them by also using our top dressing process that shortens that time to 24 to 48 months, also with 7 application over a 12-month growing season. We’ll take samples of your lawn and use a microscope to determine what’s actually in the soil. This will tell us whether further top dressing is needed or not. We guarantee that here at Stangl’s, we are the only lawn care company doing this.

When we apply fertilizer, we see excess growth and green shades that are just not natural. Not to mention that when sod is laid, homeowners are bringing in grass that is already dependent on these toxins.

So what stage is your lawn and soil in? How much work will be needed? This is all dependent on the findings we see through microscopic discovery. But what you’ll get in return are real long-term results without the use of toxins that hurt you, your family, and our planet.

Call Stangl’s today, the only organic biological lawn care company, at 905-641-8133. We’ll put the life back into your dirt, and bring your grass back to life.