Getting Rid of Mushrooms the Natural Way

In our last post we looked at mushrooms. What caused them, how lawn care companies want to kill them with chemicals, and how there are better natural lawn care solutions. And most of them are things you can do right now.

Reduce shade and water

Mushrooms love shady areas so reducing the amount of shade will in turn reduce the amount of mushrooms you see. Trim back the branches on nearby shrubs and trees to limit the number of areas for them to bloom.

Also, the next time it rains look at your lawn to see if there are areas of standing water. If so, the soil is probably compacted, meaning that drainage is a problem. In addition to shade, mushrooms love damp areas so reducing these as well will also limit the amount of mushrooms. This can be done by simply aerating the soil yourself, although there are lawn care companies that can be hired to do so.

Get rid of tree stumps

Mushrooms love organic matter in general, but they especially love dead tree stumps. When there is a tree stump in the yard it can be removed and afterwards it’s important to keep that area raked and aerated to provide better drainage to the soil.

Get rid of waste in the yard

If you have a compost bin in the yard, make sure that all the intended items are going into it and not falling to the sides or behind it. Also, if you have a dog that uses the backyard, make sure any waste is picked up and disposed of properly right away. All of this waste is organic matter that will encourage the growth of mushrooms.

Mushrooms shouldn’t be a major concern for homeowners, although when a lawn becomes overrun with them, they certainly can be. If you have a lot of mushrooms in
your yard, and you want to know how to effectively get rid of them, call us at Stangl’s. We are the Niagara lawn care company that offers natural, biological solutions that are better for you, your family, and our entire planet!