Great Lawn Care Starts with Healthy Soil

There’s no doubt about it. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides will give customers a green lawn in the short-term. But in the long run, it will wreak havoc on their soil, stripping it of all organic matter and leaving it dry and compacted. This is why year after year, those same toxic fertilizers and pesticides will need to be reapplied. Customers accept this as standard lawn care practices, and they may be. But that doesn’t mean the use of them is right.

Don’t believe us? Just look at farmland around the globe and how it’s become so deteriorated it’s been abandoned simply because there is no crop that can grow and thrive on it. It’s known that Syria, Libya and Iraq are places around the world that have lost most of their farmland, leaving their residents in an impoverished state. These are extreme examples sure, but the same is true when it comes to lawn care.

But, there is a way to revitalize this deadened soil and to bring it back to life. All it takes is putting life back into the soil. This life can include things like fish compost, minerals, enzymes and micro and macro nutrients. All of this is real genuine life; and when that life gets put back into the soil, the soil can start to thrive and actually becoming the living thing it once was.

Going back to the farmers around the world, some have already incorporated this practice and in return they’ve seen their crops come back to life. They can replant, cows can once again graze on their land, and farmers end up with more money in their pocket.

In addition to bringing life back to the lawn, and getting a beautiful lawn for it in return, doing away with those harmful chemicals will also encourage beneficial insects back to the lawn and garden – namely butterflies and bees. This is because when toxic pesticides are used, they kill of all life that tries to inhabit the lawn, even those that may be helpful to the lawn, soil and homeowner.

Both of these animals help pollinate other flowers and soil, encouraging more growth. In addition, these species are now becoming endangered in Canada, so by ensuring they can work and play in and near your lawn and garden, you’re doing so much to help these species thrive. And you’re actually saving the planet.

Of course, using safe non-toxic alternatives does so much more than help these species that are becoming more and more endangered every day. It also helps reduce the amount of harmful runoff that ends up in our oceans and waterways, also preserving the wildlife that relies on these areas to help them thrive.

Thinking about the preservation of soil and global farmland may seem very ‘big picture’. And homeowners may wonder how restoring soil in their yard can help contribute to that big picture. However, taking care of the soil in your yard really can help. It will bring back the insects that are vital to global health, and reduce the amount of runoff that eventually ends up in the soil.

As for what you’ll see in your yard, it will be greener and healthier than any amount of toxic fertilizers and pesticides can do. And even more importantly, it will be healthier for the kids, pets, and anyone else that uses that lawn and prevent cancer-causing toxins from ever getting onto their skin or into their system. To learn more, call us at Stangl’s at 905-641-8133 and help make your lawn and soil healthier this season!