Nature’s Expectations vs. Our Expectations

Stangl’s works with nature to restore dirt into soil full of life that returns health to all her plants and us!

Nature has a way of thriving all on its own. The elements work together to produce lush, green and healthy spaces. The soil feeds the plants, grass and trees, and those trees emit oxygen into the air for other living, natural things like animals and humans. While doing so, those plants are also putting a small amount of carbon back into the soil, which starts the cycle all over again of feeding the plants and so on.

But humans have interfered with this natural cycle and it’s those human practices that are the reason for all the pollution and destruction we see today. And why do humans interfere? Because our expectations are so different than what nature will provide, but as humans, we hardly ever see it that way.

This is proven every time a homeowner, golf course, or vineyard throws fertilizer on. It’s proven every time toxins are used to ward off weeds and pests. And it’s proven by just how quickly we expect to get the lush, green results that nature works so diligently over time to produce.

People use these toxins because they deliver the results the homeowner wants to see almost immediately. Got a brown lawn? Throw fertilizer on it and it will become that green space you’ve always wanted. Got weeds or pests? Throw weed killers or pesticides on there that will kill them. The solution is easy for these individuals that actually believe they’re working because the results are delivered so quickly.

But these are not solutions at all. If they were, those same fertilizers wouldn’t need to be reapplied in a week or two. Weed killers and pesticides wouldn’t need to be constantly poured on. If they worked, the lawn would remain green, weed-free, and pests would stop invading it. These are all signs of unhealthy soil and when lawns rest on unhealthy soil, the grass itself will never be healthy.

Furthermore, not only are these products not viable solutions, they are actually hurting anyone that uses that lawn. The toxins in them are causing cancer, polluting our environment, and contributing to climate change. These impacts are hard to understand simply because they can’t be seen, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. When they can be seen, they take the form of pets dying of cancer and of our family members becoming sick. But the correlation between these illnesses and the toxins on our lawns is never made simply because we can’t see them.

What we can see is nature at work. When we leave nature alone and let it do its job, the results can clearly be seen. Look at forests that have no man-made solutions applied to them. Conservation areas that are lush and green during the spring and summer months and they’ve been able to do so without the help of mankind. This is because it’s nature that’s been allowed to go through its own cycle, and rise up to its own expectations.

At Stangl’s, we know that lawns can be like this, too. The only reason they aren’t is because man has already interfered, using toxic applications that bring visual results, but on a deeper level, are only hurting them more.

We know how to work with nature, and how to naturally restore lawns and soil to their beautiful natural state. We don’t want to interfere with nature, we just want to help it along. So we apply biological compost teas and brews that put life back into the soil through worms, fish compost, and other completely natural materials. These are not organic fertilizers and pesticides. These are completely, 100% natural ingredients that can already be found on our planet.

It’s a paradox really. As humans, we continually claim that we’re looking for natural solutions, but when those solutions don’t meet our expectations right away, we move on to something else that will. And that’s just not how nature and humans were meant to interact.

This year, revise your expectations and be part of the natural solution. This year, look at your lawn care services from a different perspective, the natural perspective. We have the tools to help you do it. All you have to do is call us at Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care!