Rotifers, Just One Way Stangl’s is Different

As a homeowner or property manager, when you speak to different lawn care companies about the upkeep of your lawn, have you ever heard them use the term ‘rotifer’? We can already tell you that you haven’t. This is because at Stangl’s, we are the only company that uses these tiny creatures to help lawns become the green and beautiful landscapes they were meant to! It’s one reason why we’re not just another lawn care company, but a biological lawn care company!

Rotifers are microscopic animals that have awed and amazed scientists for centuries. These small creatures can be found anywhere there’s standing water or damp soil, such as in our lawns. While there are many fascinating areas of the rotifer that are still being discovered and analyzed, at Stangl’s, we’re most interested in the way they eat.

Rotifers move through the water or soil and open their mouth to use it as a vacuum. Under a microscope, you can see the rotifers literally sucking in their prey that has little chance against it. All the rotifer really has to do to get its next meal is keep moving – their food comes to them.

In the soil, that food comes in the form of harmful bacteria that’s lurking and waiting to destroy the soil and the grass that grows from it. When rotifers are present, this bacterium doesn’t stand a chance.

But while the way they eat is compelling, the way they excrete their food is just as interesting. While the food may be considered waste to the rotifer, to the lawn it actually comes in the form of soluble plant food – otherwise known as fertilizer! This is truly organic fertilizer in its most pure form, and it will do ten times the job that any of those organic fertilizers on the store’s shelves will do for your lawn.

Rotifers are just one of the many life forms we use in our Nature’s Brew here at Stangl’s, although they are an important one. But we like our customers to know about them because they’re just one form of life that is being put right back into the lawn when you choose to work with us at Stangl’s. Fungus, protozoa, nematodes and micro-arthropods are other living organisms that help lawns to heal naturally, organically and most important, biologically.

Rotifers are just one element that make Stangl’s different from any lawn care company, and they’re one we’re proud of and continue to be fascinated with. To learn more about our Nature’s Brew and what it can do to give you the green and safe lawn you’re looking for, call 905-641-8133 or email today. We’d love to come out and give you a quote and tell you more about what we can do for your lawn, and your family!