Spring Your Lawn into Climate Action

Spring and warm weather are on their way, so let’s produce the greener lawn that tackles climate as well as those yearly aggravations of weeds, insects and watering.

Right from the start soil quality is degraded from construction to chemical lawn care methods, weakening its ability to store excess CO2 from our atmosphere. but able to grow weeds well. Continuing to apply fertilizers and weed killers only increases these aggravations to show up again and again yearly costing us further.

As soil life is depleted, the ground hardens restricting air and water flow along with the plants ability to get the needed minerals for day to day life. Now Nature’s garbage collectors, insects and disease show up. We then attack them with further poisonous sprays depleting soil life. A viscous circle that only the manufactures win.

Let’s get your lawn off the chemical treadmill by applying compost, but not all composts are created equal. We need a compost full of diverse life that will set the stage for grass to grow not weeds. Looking at the soil under a microscope is the only way to see the quality of life within, unfortunately compost manufactures do not employ this quality check.

The goal is to increase the organic matter with life within, so it can become self-sustainable with only minimal interaction from you.Saving you time and money from those annual lawn care fertilizer programs that produce the same issues each year.

So, when purchasing compost or making, I can not say it enough, it’s the life within that sets the stage for what grows. Sure, your plant will grow in any soil, but not optimally and it will struggle requiring inputs of fertilizer. Without optimal health, insects and disease attack, requiring further inputs of control. Looking at the life within is not a standard used by those who sell soil, so buyer beware. I have visual and aroma tip for buying when they do not know what life is within:

  • As Dr. Elaine Ingham would best describe what we should visually look for is a compost that has the same colour as 70% dark chocolate. Have a chocalate bar on hand and once you’ve found a close representation, eat the chocolate for your reward.
  • The aroma should not smell like waste, it should have that earthy aroma of a forest floor.

Now that you have your compost, you can apply it liberally to all areas, but before you do, aerate to open the ground to allow the compost into the root area. This will increase the organic matter for both building life and holding water. A one percent increase in organic matter can increase water holding abilities by 4 times. You can apply 1 yard to 2000 sq.ft. or heavier/lighter dependent upon the situation.

Restoring life within the soil returns its ability to absorb excess CO2 from our environment, further building organic matter, depending the roots, increasing infiltration for a healthier home, community and planet. No need for fertilizer or other toxic chemicals to produce the greener lawn.

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