The Truth May Not be as Inconvenient as it Seems

It was over ten years ago, in January of 2006, when Al Gore’s first movie, An Inconvenient Truth came out. Its release sparked outrage among many. Many pointed to a scene that stated that within ten years, a flood would wipe out the 9/11 memorial site. Many said that was pure exaggeration, and that Al Gore was simply putting out a movie made of nothing more than shock value in order to keep his name in the papers and make the money while he could.

Today, we know differently. We know that in October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy wiped out much of New York and New Jersey, including the 9/11 memorial site that so many people said would remain safe, despite of Al Gore’s predictions. Now, An Inconvenient Sequel was released last month and this time, there doesn’t seem to be the backlash. There’s not a lot of talk about how Al Gore is simply running his mouth to hear himself speak. Instead, there’s a lot of talk about how bad we’ve allowed our world to become when it comes to pollution.

So why do we continue to allow it to get so bad? Why do we murmur about the climate-related catastrophes happening all around the world, yet when we literally go out into our own backyard, we apply the same toxic fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides that are contributing to the problem? Those other guys that you’re paying to apply those weed and people killers to the lawn will tell you they’re not a problem; that they will do no harm. It’s not true. Just like it’s not true that Al Gore was exaggerating the problem.

We can look out west in our country, to B.C. where wildfires continue to rage and people continue to be evacuated from their homes. We can look at the same wildfires that continue to happen all the time in California; wildfires that appear to be unstoppable and out of control.

But there’s also talk – in the public and in the movie – about how much hope there is that we may be able to change it. In Canada, this was most evident when Justin Trudeau went to Paris and signed the Paris Agreement. We were just one country that agreed to get to net zero greenhouse emissions; every other country in the world agreed to the same thing. We also, along with most countries, have solar and wind energy that’s not only becoming more accessible, but also cheaper than other conventional sources of energy such as fuel and hydro.

These things all provide hope, and after An Inconvenient Truth, let’s face it. We all need a little hope. And we have it, we just need to act on it and do something that makes a difference. Al Gore recently said in an interview in promotion of his movie that, “We have a sustainable revolution that has the scope of the industrial revolution but the speed of the digital revolution.” That’s some kind of power, bringing together the two biggest revolutions in history in order to effect change.

We invite you now to hop on board and be inconvenient. It’s easy, all you have to do is make small changes that will have a huge impact. At Stangl’s, that’s what we’re all about. It’s what we do every day. We work on your lawn, in a gentle and natural way that doesn’t include the destruction of our health or our planet, to effect change and help bring about the hope that’s so desperately needed in our hopeless times.

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