Turf and Soil Health Can Cure Disease, Weeds, and Insects

Disease, weeds and insects. These are just three of the things that homeowners battle with in their yards every season. But just what are they? While you may see ugly critters crawling through your yard, you may not know just what exactly they are. And while you may see straggly things popping up that clearly are not grass, you may not know exactly what they are. But perhaps the most dangerous thing, is disease, which you may not even notice is going on right under your nose.

When your lawn is lush and beautiful, you may not see the need to worry about these things, never mind knowing what their proper names are. But when you’re armed with knowledge, you’re armed with a way to get rid of them once and for all. It’s for this reason that we recommend you familiarize yourself with what disease, weeds and insects are.

The Castle Wall

Before you can begin to understand how disease, weeds and insects attack your yard (never mind what they’re actually called), you must first begin to understand the concept of castle walls in your lawn.

You’ve probably seen old castles that have those tall castle walls, built to keep predators and enemies out, so that all those inside can be kept safe. This same concept is true for your lawn. But in the case of your lawn, those castle walls aren’t built around the outside. Instead, they can be found deep under the lawn. Because in fact, the castle walls of your lawn are actually the soil that it rests upon.

To build the castle walls against disease, weeds and insects, Stangl’s Nature’s Brew and Compost adds the needed biology and nutrients to support the turf and soil health.

Looking at the health of the soil is like looking at the probiotics of our health. When they are not in balance illness and cancers are likely to be the end result. We then go to the doctor who will prescribe us their pharmaceutical of choice or in the worst cases, radiation treatments.

In our industry, the main pharmaceutical of choice among lawn care companies are toxic fertilizers, weed killers, insect killers and fungicides. These may seem to work, but they’re destroying the castle walls in our yard. As they attack the things we don’t want to see in our lawn, they’re also attacking the soil underneath so more of those ‘pharmaceuticals’ are needed, and it becomes a never-ending process. And these fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are destroying our lawn, our planet, and the health of us and our families.


Smut Mold


Dollar spot, powdery mildew, red thread, and smut mold are all diseases that we have seen in lawns this summer. Disease is caused by the lack of biological balance in every type of soil on the planet. Each of these diseases denotes the fact that the biology of the soil is focused on anaerobic conditions.


These conditions include things such as compaction, the production of nitrates, and pathogens that cause these very diseases. We need the balanced aerobic soil that produces castle walls so no anaerobic pathogens are able to break in. Conditions that are considered to be aerobic produce flocculated conditions that have balanced nutrients, cycled continually, for overall turf health.


Homeowners in general need to start looking at their weeds differently. These have names such as Black Medic, Clover, Dandelion, Crabgrass, Plantain, Creeping Charlie, Speedwell, as well as a few others that are starting to crop up on lawns today. These are all an indication of what your soil health is like. Even with all the rain we’ve had this year, the soil has gone dry and hot. The castle walls have broken down and Mother Nature’s helpers are growing to help us through this tough time. Watering and leaving the grass at high levels when cutting have staved off the majority of these weeds, but not all of them. As your soil progresses, nature’s helpers will be there until the soil is in balance.

Chinch Bug


As our lawn care company has been out working on lawns this year, we’ve seen European chafer, Japanese beetle, and sod webworm in flight; although we haven’t seen any of the Chinch bugs that also love to make meals out of our lawn. It’s okay to see these, as no lawn will ever be completely without. But the castle walls of our lawns that should be keeping the numbers down so that the soil, and therefore the lawn, don’t see any substantial damage from them. Insects are attracted to the lawns that have conventional fertilizer applied to them since anaerobic compacted soil gives off gases such as ammonia, which is an insect pheromone. At Stangl’s, we know that this is the reason our customers have seen far fewer of these insects.

At Stangl’s, we treat your soil with living aerobic biology for healthy long-term effects that will build your lawn’s castle walls against disease, root-feeding nematodes, insects, and weeds. The effects are felt in the soil first, which then creates a healthier environment to produce a healthy and strong plant with its natural ability to protect itself.

If you want to start building up your lawn’s castle walls, and start seeing a beautiful lush lawn that’s built on a solid foundation, give us a call at Stangl’s today. We can be reached at (905) 641-8133, and we want to start rebuilding your lawn, and its castle walls, today.