Succession and Disturbances

At Stangl’s, we use a lot of terms that homeowners have never heard in conjunction with their lawn care services. Instead of talking about fertilizers and pesticides, we talk about humus and compost and carbon sinks. Today, we’d like to talk a little bit about succession and disturbances.

Succession and Disturbances Defined

Succession is defined as “the act or process of following in order or sequence.” When talking about lawns and plant life, succession can be defined as “the gradual replacement of one type of ecological community by another in the same area, involving a series of orderly changes.” So succession is really just ecological systems changing the way that nature intended them to.

Disturbances however, are the only obstacles to those natural successions taking place. A disturbance can be defined as “the interruption of a settled and peaceful condition”, and they will stop natural successions.

Succession and Disturbances in Our Lives

Succession is very easy to see in human lives. We are born, we go through our childhood and adolescent phases, we age, and then we pass away. When that time comes depends largely on the disturbances we allowed to play a role in our lifestyle. Smoking is a disturbance, substance abuse is a disturbance, and eating junk food is a disturbance. How many disturbances one life has will somewhat determine on when the succession of that life ends.

The same is true in lawns, gardens, and ecological systems. You can see it in the above picture. What was once nothing more than a rocky bed becomes a beautiful lush space full of life. But that only happens in the picture, because there are no disturbances.

When we apply synthetic fertilizers to our lawns, when we till them and plow them and tear them up, and when we constantly pour on pesticides and herbicides, we are disturbing the natural succession of the lawn. We are going against Nature! And then wonder why our lawns don’t grow green and lush and healthy.

Would you wonder why you got cancer if you had smoked your entire life?

It’s the exact same idea.

The only way to get the healthy, green, lush lawn that you’ve been working towards every other season is to start allowing natural succession to take place, and to stop the many disturbances that are preventing that from happening.

When many homeowners first hear this, they feel hopeless. How are they supposed to stop applying fertilizers? And then how many years would it take to get that natural succession back in place?

The answer to the latter question is that it depends. It depends on how long the lawn has been mistreated, and it depends on the biology of the soil. But, there is absolutely no reason homeowners should feel helpless. There is help out there, and it comes in the form of Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care.

We are more than just a St. Catharines lawn care company. We are a biological lawn care company that is doing things differently, and restoring our earth and soil to the condition it’s meant to be. And we are the only ones in Canada doing it.

We know how to stop disturbances and start rebuilding the soil so natural succession can start to take place. All you have to do is get on board and contact us today at or call 905-641-8133.