St Catharines lawn taken care by Stangl's first year 2016. Customer - HAPPY!

St Catharines lawn taken care by Stangl’s first year 2016. Customer – HAPPY!

To remain healthy, nature needs balance. It needs all their connecting parts to be in working order. When they break, it takes an expert to reconnect those parts. It takes a man like Michael Stangl. His curiosity about nature has earned him awards and professional certificates.

Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care, his business, has been his livelihood since 1981. Taking care of the land is his life. He knows – it’s about the soil. He knows – it’s about your philosophy towards that soil. And then – it comes down to Nature’s Brew & Nature’s Compost, his 100% safe, 100% naturally organic products. After studying in the field, and in the classroom since 1981, you can count on Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care to do what nature intended to do.

Healthy Soil

Soil is the foundation for all life on Earth. To fully understand what that soil does for plants that live above takes years. It takes an almost inexplicable patience. Simply put – it takes a lot of brains. Nevertheless, this understanding is what separates Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care – from everybody else. The first thing they do is study the soil. They have an in-house laboratory. They have an in-house microscope. They have an intimate relationship with a world renowned soil microbiologist. With one call, all your problems are solved, and your grass is on it’s way to become a lush weed free lawn that reduces climate change.

Nature’s Brew & Nature’s Compost: The Safe Lawn Program

Nature’s Brew and Nature’s Compost are extremely special. They don’t accelerate nature, they optimizes it. It’s taken 36 years to develop. It’s taken persistence, and a lot of brains. But most importantly, it’s taken a lot of courage to build Nature’s Brew and Nature’s Compost. With these creations, Michael Stangl, is challenging the status quo and their conventional methods.  Nature’s Brew and Nature’s Compost are not revolutionary,  but forgotten knowledge that industry didn’t want you to know about. He moved forward with Nature’s Brew in 2015 and Nature’s Compost in 2016 to astound all those who had second thoughts throughout the Niagara Region and beyond.


It’s always been about doing the right thing. It’s about doing my best. In no particular order, it’s family, friends, Mother Nature, community and God. As a child, my heroes were always the people that sacrificed for their family, and for their community. It’s not only about leaving a better place for the following generations, it’s about the NOW generation. That’s what I’m about, and that’s what Nature’s Brew and Nature’s Compost is about too.

Save the Bees while reducing climate change with a lush green lawn from Stangl’s.