Healthy Soil

Dirt Propagates Yearly Aggravations of Weeds, Insects & Disease

Fertilizer + Fiesta applied yearly = Dirt

Fertilized + Fiesta applied yearly = Dirt contributing to climate change as well as being an unsafe area to play on

Weeds, insects and disease are but the causation of how we maintained our lawns,  orchards, vineyards, paddocks and farms.  These yearly aggravations are Mother Nature’s signs that you have lifeless dirt that needs to be restored to soil full of life. That the soil food web (balanced biology) is key to health, not chemistry as the industry has sold it to you.

Chemistry is the relationship of what happens between the plant and soil biology. We can not manipulate this with simplistic views of adding fertilizer, lime, gypsum and other. This only destroys the life in the soil, creating dependency for more inputs further destroying the soil turning it into dirt. A vicious money pit of destruction to our planet.

Mother Nature then steps in as she always has done so, to employ weeds to break open the ground to live a life cycle that restores humus to the dirt over and over. She employs insects and disease to take out the weak, for these are Mother Nature’s garbage collectors. All this has been here for 1+billion years, while fertilizer (chemistry) was first discovered in 1840 by Justus Von liebig.  This is what lawn care bases their rudimentary three nutrient supplementation agronomy program on:  N-P-K?


The complexity of the soil food web. This is our business.

Soil Full of Life Eliminates Yearly Aggravations

Firstly, insects are attracted to fertilizer applied to anaerobic conditions that would gas off as ammonia. Disease would follow because of these anaerobic conditions also. Weeds love compacted dirt and the pulses of nitrates from fertilizer.

Stangl’s is in the restoration of dirt to soil business. Restoring life to dirt shifts plant succession of weeds to a lush weed free lawn that reduces climate change. Yes there is work involved to get it there. Results happen with each application at the microscopic level where it counts. Life in the soil will naturally aerify, deepen roots, increase humus that will hold more water to create our desired results.

Save the Bees while reducing climate change with a lush green lawn from Stangl’s.