Nature’s Compost

Nature’s Compost

Years of dedication go into producing Nature’s Compost which is biologically balanced, full of life with eight times the life for unparalleled results. How we make our static compost is a recipe for success and one we hold close to our heart. 

What you would find in one teaspoonful of our Nature’s Compost on average:

  1. 100 million to one billion bacteria
  2. several metres of fungi
  3. several thousand protozoa 
  4. 20-30 nematode bacterial feeders, a few fungal feeders , a few predatory nematodes

Not all dirt you purchase is compost soil full of life. Most are anaerobic and full of disease, so you would be setting the stage for one with weeds & problems. (They use waste  from curbside green boxes that are high in salts, toxins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and so on…)

So, how do we take this brown lawn from this,

July 20/16

July 20/16

To this?


Oct 28/16


Stangl’s is reducing climate change by producing lush weed free lawns.

My customers are taking down atmospheric CO2, reducing climate change with the only lawn care company that cares. Lets start the work today and return life back to your dirt. Yes it will take time because of the contaminates that need to be broken down, but putting the life in there to break it down will turn your lawn into a lush weed free lawn through succession that reduces climate change.