Using the lawn care lingo.


July 11/16 Just because it’s less toxic, does not make it healthy, just makes it less toxic.

Getting quotes for lawn care services pretty much works the same way for businesses every time. They research four or five companies, get quotes from about three of those, and then make their decision based on price. But at Stangl’s, we challenge you to look at those quotes. Really look at them. What’s different about them? Most likely, it’s just the name of the company and the price.

Other than that, everything else within the different quotes will be the same. They’ll include terms like fertilizers, weed killer, crabgrass control, and insect killer. These are terms the business owner has become familiar with, but that doesn’t mean they’re the terms that should be used.

You need a process for success? 

At Stangl’s, we have the Safe Lawn Process.

We don’t use the toxic carcinogens, fertilizers, lime, gypsum, weed killers and insect killers like the other guys. Why? Because we believe in providing the best sustainable organic lawn care.

In order to do that, lawns have to become their own living organism. They need to be given the nutrients and applications that will help them thrive. We apply 7 applications per growing season. They will effectively work every second of every day, all year long. Each application builds off the last application. We can also restore the soil with our top-dressing process of aeration, seeding, and applying compost. Our Nature’s Compost is full of humus and life, literally breathing life back into your soil with each application.

We are here to help you get you where you want to be. We want to provide you with a soil that reduces climate change and reduces the amount you water. We want to help you get rid of any insect problems on your property, and to say good-bye to possible disease that is currently infecting your soil.


As you will see, we delivered and their testimonial speaks directly to our success.

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Case Study: Flat Rock Cellars, Jordan, Ontario

The following shows time-lapse imagery of Flat Rock Cellars, Jordan, Ontario. Flat Rock came to us to repair their extensive lawn areas. Producing a product for consumption means they were even more impressed with a 100% safe product which delivered the solution they needed.


I call and you showed up. I love your service and program that produces the results we need.

Deanna, Flat Rock Cellars

May 27th 2015

July 28th 2015

August 28th 2015

October 10th 2015