At Stangl’s, we are revolutionizing the current method of lawn fertilization and providing a safer/cleaner alternative to the consumer population. Our business has eliminated the use of all chemical and organic fertilizers for our exclusive all natural organic compost tea extract “Nature’s Brew”.



Nature’s Brew – Stangl’s Exclusive Compost Tea Extract

The Chemical treadmill would have you apply fertilizer to make your lawn green and then chemical sprays for weeds, insects and disease. They all require a different chemical, cost and are all equally harmful to you and the planet. These programs are designed for year after year that costs money and threatens safety of us all. Wondering why there are more illnesses and cancers?

Let’s get you off this chemical treadmill

What to expect from Stangl’s

  • each application builds off the last one
  • building soil life that makes organic matter – a greener healthier lawn
  • deeper roots – up to 100% deeper
  • no need of pulling the garden hose out as often – up to 70% reduction/upto a $10 per month saving
  • weeds, insects and disease pressures alleviated
  • healthier home, healthier you
  • service, experience, education, guidance, communication,
  • referral program FREE applications!
  • soil biological assay test – real science data on your soil’s ability to create change


Stangl’s uses only current science and data from world renowned professors that have proven diverse biology is required to have a healthy soil that will transform your lawn, landscape and garden..

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