I feel a personal responsibility to heal and beautify our Garden City community. Together, we can do this, one lawn at a time. Working 37 years in lawncare, I was once part of the problem: treating lawns with pesticides and then with fertilizers. Now I am dedicated to healing lawns and creating safe eco-spaces for our community, families and pets.



I believe in going beyond organic, sustainable and eco-friendly. My products are naturally organic, toxin free, and increase the health of our eco-system and our lives. Your rich soil will better retain rainwater and decrease atmospheric CO2. I do not use any toxic products that are used in commonly-used fertilizers such as nitrogen, which wash off our lawns, contaminate our water supply, and are reaching toxic levels.


Service Excellence

I proudly stand behind our products and service. Every greener lawn is a testament to the quality of our products, services, and outreach. In the Golden Horseshoe area, I am regarded as the best weed man for lawn care and I work hard to keep this designation. 



I am passionate about revolutionizing lawn care. I consult regularly with top biologists and scientists.  My approach is supported by Dr. Elaine Ingham, author of 73 peer reviewed papers, global research, and current projects from the past 30 years.



I will never put anything on your lawn that will cause harm to you, your family, or your pets. I am honest, transparent, and dedicated to doing what is right and fair in all aspects of my products, process, pricing, and services. That means competitive pricing so that you can support the eco-restoration movement and provide a safe beautiful green space for your loved ones.

Michael Stangl, Research and Owner, Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care