Hi Alison, we have used Stangl’s for 3- 4 years we think they have made a big difference. it is safe for animals and seems to work !!! Tell them we recommended them. Everyone that we have recommended  them to has  been pleased . the difference really starts showing up in the second year and thereafter. 



(Brian received two Free applications for this testimonial and referral, Thank you Brian March 27, 2017)

I do thank you for all you did here….MUCH improved…I should have called sooner, if I had known what could be done.This is great!!


Don Fonthilll

I have just recently been diagnosed with cancer and love knowing that your program is the only that contains no poisonous fertilizers and sprays.

Judy Vineland

(Judy passed away from cancer this past winter, she will be missed, RIP – 2017)

I’ve been with you since 1999.  Appreciated your level of care for my lawn and am sad to be leaving but I have sold my house and moving to an apartment. I have talked to the new owners and they will be in contact. Lawn was always taken care of, thanks,

Joe  Hamilton 

Never had a dandelion this year, not one dandelion

Raffy  St. Catharines

Looking forward to next year –lawn looks great

Rick  NOTL

Lawn has never looked this good

Geraldine St. Catharines

lawn is looking ever better

Joan  St. Catharines

My lawn has never looked better

Mary St. Catharines

My lawn is looking great thanks!

Margaret  St. Catharines

My back yard looks gorgeous

Ian Fonthill

lawn is improving. It has always been a difficult lawn and look forward to next years results.

Ethel  St. Catharines

I tell everyone that Stangl’s does my lawn.

Sameh St. Catharines

Happy with our lawn care and happy to refer Stangl’s.

Alexander  St Catharines

Happy with lawn. I often refer Stangl’s

Maureen St. Catharines

Happy with lawn, violets disappearing.

Tom  St Catharines

Happy to refer Stangl’s.

Bonnie St. Catharines

Pleased with our care of the lawn.

Tanya St. Catharines

Dandelions have been ebbing.

Francesca St. Catharines

Happy your service and I like having you do our lawn.

Kirsti ST. Catharines

Lawn is doing great, thanks.

Andrew  NOTL

I’m happy knowing I am getting the best out there.

Katie NOTL

Really happy with your current path that you have chosen.

Wesley NOTL

I don’t want Fiesta if it has a chance of setting my lawn back.

Patricia  St Catharines

I am happy with my lawn and your lawn care services.

Janis St Catharines

I am very happy to have Stangl’s back and working on his lawn.

Larry St. Catharines

All other lawns on my street are browning. Brown strips that appear on my lawn every year did not appear this year.

Paul St Catharines

The lawn is doing well and looks a lot better than it has previously. I am very pleased with the bare spots filling in. I am very happy with this year’s results.

Bill St. Catharines

Lawn is very healthy. The lawn hasn’t looked this good since I moved into the house.

Carol ST. Catharines

Our high profile wineries require the best along with long term results that have the environment in mind. Thank you Stangl’s for Nature’s Brew great results and its ability to reduce climate change.


Thanks for your timely applications.

Brian NOTL

Hi Michael, Thanks for stopping in today and explaining the more sustainable spraying solutions and tips on our lawn care. I almost understood most of it!! Lol

Ken  Jordan

I call and you showed up. I love your service and program that produces the results we need.

Deanna, Flat Rock Cellars

We had your lawn care service in 2009 and 2010. In 2011 we tried to do it ourselves but the lawn does not look as good as when your company looked after it. Need your help for 2012.

Donald, Stoney Creek

I had Weedman use Fiesta on my lawn 5 times last year and the results were very disappointing and their dealing with insects (grubs) was a disaster for my lawn, I need your help.

Jim, Fonthill

I am pleased the Stangl’s will be taking care of our lawns.

Tom, St Catharines Condo’s

I just wanted to let you know, our lawn has never looked the way it does right now. Last year was straw…

Phil, St Catharines

Our neighbor uses your services…their lawn looks great! I need your help!

Sandra, St Catharines

“As this was our first year with Stangl’s Lawn Care we would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we were both with the service and personal attention you and your staff provided us this summer. To all Stangl’s staff, thank you for a job well done. Previously, we had lawn care with Weed Man for three years and was extremely dissatisfied with the service, results and attitude. We are aware it is a slow process to bring our lawn to a reasonable condition. However, we have been very impressed with the products you have provided. Also, thanks to Rob B. He gave us good information and advice on lawn care. Once again, thank you to everyone at Stangl’s and we will see you next year.”

David and Terry Consumers – Lawn Care Service

“Thanks for stopping in today and explaining the more sustainable spraying solutions and tips on our lawn care. I almost understood most of it!! Please send a quote for the discussed spraying. Ken”

Ken Lawn Care Consumer

“Michael takes every opportunity to learn about his business and the results are reflected in the service he provides”

Art Ratelle Real Estate Salesperson, Coldwell Banker

“Hi Michael: Just a note to say how impressed we were with the professional manner and the quality of work of your two employees Chris and George. They arrived when they said they would and worked non stop until the job was finished. They were extremely pleasant and very competent, making sure we understood all aspects of the system. They were eager to meet our wishes and made sure the system was up and running correctly before they left. These two young men are a real credit to you and your company. You should be very proud of them. Thanks again,”

Dave Molnar

“hello you guys at stangls…..just thought i would drop you a little note and tell you how happy we are with the irrigation system you installed for me last year…living on top of the hill in fonthill you know how difficult it is to maintain a green healthy lawn ….i tried and failed for almost 30 years….and like the tee shirt says …” i fought the lawn and the lawn won”….that was true until the Hunter system was installed and progammed my your guys….. over the last year i used less water..did less work…..and got more green…..the only thing i use my garden hose for now is washing the car…..thanks again ……you helped me get a great looking lawn with almost no effort”

J Marando

“Please allow me to share my experience with Stangl’s Enviro Lawn Care services. For starters, my first concern is that our property is a medical clinic with many geriatric and pediatric patients attending. With this in mind, I can’t be worried about pesticides. It all has to be natural. We’re here to solve medical issues, not develop them. All Stangl’s program were developed with these concerns in mind. Secondly, Stangl’s help me to choose the best program for our clinic annually and they simply facilitate the program in a timely fashion while reporting to us with notes in our mail box. Third and most important I know that the program is effective for 2 reasons. When our clinic began with a new lawn, that’s when we initiated an annual plan which included the installation of an underground sprinkler system with Stangl’s. To date we have been able to optimize and have the best lawn on the street and still remain weed free. I plan to do the same soon at my personal home.”

Nicholas Bozza