After 36 years, Michael Stangl’s knowledge and expertise reaches far. He now educates and consults with schools, parks, landscapers, homeowners, vineyards, farms, paddocks corporations, and others about the dangers of fertilizers and pesticides. He also provides a comprehensive soil strategy program and timetable for the elimination of those fertilizers and pesticides.

Mr. Stangl  = RESULTS

Mr. Stangl has studied nature, researched and with collaboration produced Nature’s Brew and Nature’s Compost. His line of products provide  long term results, rather than the normal “years to decades” timetable as Mother Nature will do. By design, Nature’s Brew and Nature’s Compost  results can be seen visually and at the microscopic level to ensure that they restore Mother Nature’s precious balance.

Consulting makes our world safer

After consulting with Mr. Stangl, he lays out his process for health that naturally eliminates disease, insects and weeds through the power of nature’s succession. If disease or insects become a problem, he has the remedy for balance in favor of the target plant, not the problem.

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