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Exhausted Lawn, Exhausted Dirt

July 13/16 today's care is unacceptable from Stangl's

July 13/16 today’s care is unacceptable to Stangl’s

Do you feel applying salt fertilizers is a healthy choice as our summers are getting hotter? Even the weed killers (here in Ontario Canada) are toxic salts. Wonder why your lawn browns out for the summer (across North America)? We were told this is normal, but it is the consequence of applying toxic salt carcinogens year after year.

Consumers use the field of vision as their meter of  physical validation for proof that it works. You fertilize, it turns green. You spray weed killers, you see tangible evidence of cell destruction, so it must be working. We’ve employed this simplistic way of conventional methods for so long now, we have destroyed the very foundation for healthy living and life that grows atop it. 

We now have compacted, high saline dirt lacking life that requires high amounts of these conventional products to keep the illusion continuing in the field of vision. Fertilizer, lime, gypsum and Epsom Salt(magnesium sulfate) are all salts. In fact all minerals are salts that destroy the soil life creating compacted anaerobic high saline dirt which weeds, crabgrass, insects and disease thrive on.

July 13/16 Our lawn down the street from the picture above. Niagara Falls, the 2016 season. First year with us. Homeowner could not be happier.

July 13/16 Our lawn down the street from the picture above. Niagara Falls, first year with us. Homeowner could not be happier.


All lawns are not the same, as people look different. Never compare next door to yours. We need to leave the field of vision and enter into the microscopic field to see what life is in your dirt. Once we have this bench mark we can move forward and follow the life to ensure our ultimate goal of a lush weed free lawn reduces climate change.





Stangl’s is reducing climate change by producing lush weed free lawns.

My customers are taking down atmospheric CO2, reducing climate change with the only lawn care company that cares. Lets start the work today and return life back to your dirt. Yes it will take time because of the contaminates that need to be broken down, but putting the life in there to break it down will turn your lawn into a lush weed free carbon sink.