Organic Top Dressing

Does this sound familiar?

My lawn is:

  • thin and damaged
  • goes brown during the summer
  • has weeds, crabgrass and insects
  • requires a lot of water and when I do water it flows off into the street
  • rock hard
  • shallow rooted
  • full of thatch
  • being taken care of and I still have this issues

All these indicates your dirt is sick and lacking the life to produce nutrient cycling to support your lawn. That’s why we have weeds, insects, disease and our dependency on our pharmacy for this industry: toxic fertilizers and killers.

Your soil should be full of life that naturally takes care of all these problems, but not when its sick and lacking.

Dr David Suzuki & Dr Elaine Ingham The science of soil life – 4.07 minutes  

Organic Top dressing with Nature’s Compost

Add the needed:

  • organic matter
  • organisms
  • nutrients


  • get rid of compaction
  • decompose thatch
  • build soil structure
  • thicken
  • deepen roots
  • increase water retention
  • building blocks to build more organic matter
  • decrease atmosphere CO2
  • decrease climate
  • mycorrhizal colonization for weed control at 1:53 to 2:15 of a 3:29 video

Our science is backed by peer reviewed papers of Dr. Elaine Ingham, unlike the other guys, we have the metrics, protocols and in house microscopy in place for success. Don’t get me wrong, it does not happen over night like a magic toxic wand, far from it. Our organic top dressing accelerates the speed of success, but results vary due to the disturbances caused historically, from building to the application of toxins.





Dr David Suzuki & Dr Elaine Ingham The science of soil life – 4.07 minutes  

Stangl’s is reducing climate change.

My customers are taking down atmospheric CO2 that is reducing climate change, unlike the other guys. Lets start the work today and return life back to your dirt. Call or email today for your FREE estimate/consultation.